"Talor has been a game changer for me as I work on healing my body and accepting the changes ahead of me due to my health.  He brings and delivers mental peace and physiological improvement utilizing his expertise of the body.  He is strong, honest, compassionate and a true professional.  He is even funny when the moment is needed.  The therapeutic benefits of time with Talor is changing my life and spirit."

-Jim P.  

"Talor is an exceptional MT.  He is knowledgeable and skilled. I have had many, many massages (I used to be an MT myself)  and Talor is truly outstanding.  As deep as you want to go with your healing, he will hold space and facilitate for you"

-Signa C.

"The Best. Period"

Shelly W.

"Taylor gives the best massages, is very knowledgable, and makes you feel very comfortable.  I highly recommend him for a quality massage!"

Rebecca M.

"Talor has an intuitive touch and strong knowledge of how muscles work and affect one another.  He more than addressed my initial issues and gave me the information that I needed to correct the issues that caused my underlying problem.  After having seen multiple massage therapists I would highly recommend Talor."

-Richard F.

“Talor is a great massage therapist! Very knowledgeable with amazing deep pressure and rhythm. He makes you feel valued and leaves you feeling like heaven after each session. Great job sir :) Definitely will recommend to my friends!”

-Lionel M.

"Talor is an exceptional massage therapist. He is gifted with this art and knows how to provide exceptional care. Awesome massage and took care of my foot pain and back pain from stress."

-Vishwa A.

"Oh what a difference this has made for me today,  and hopefully into the future!  So much of my contactedness (body-mind-spirit) was relaxed by Talor's expert massage.  A truly therapeutic experience.  Thank you."

Maria S.

“I needed a massage for many reasons one of which was healing after knee surgery. Talor was very attentive and knew just how to support/position my body for best results. Having a floor massage was a new experience. I actually liked being able to stretch out!I've made a follow up appointment and will add him to my personal health providers.”

-Laurel L.

“I came to Talor with glute pain that I had felt for about 2 months. During the massage, Talor incorporated stretches that made me notice areas of tension that I wasn't aware of before. He suggested helpful stretches and exercises after the massage that could help correct my body mechanics and relieve the tension. Overall, very good experience.”

-Eric D.

“Talor is one of those therapists who's been naturally gifted with massage abilities long before his training and licensure. His knowledge of the body from his personal training background has given him an even greater advantage over most LMTs who don't fully understand the complaints of fit and active people. I've been doing massage for over 9 years now and I trust very few LMTs to look after my patients in my absence, and Talor is one of them. As a result, I've invited him to share a space at our clinic, RiverEast Acupuncture. Don't underestimate this man's new licensure - he's highly qualified and I recommend him for anyone with trigger points and structural imbalances; especially athletes in training could really benefit from his work.”

-Austin D.

"Talor is not only a compassionate coach but an innovative teacher.  This comes naturally to him. His caring approach coupled with his knowledge of the physiology of training motivated me to reach higher levels of fitness than I thought was possible.  He was able to accurately read the mechanics of my body to know what to work on to gain strength and flexibility. I highly recommend him!" 

-Susan A.

"Bridge City Fitness is a new company opened by my former trainer, Talor Lee-Stiles.  Yes, Talor is trained and certified.  An expert on fitness and nutrition, but the thing I loved about Talor most is how how motivated me, kept me engaged, wouldn't let me quit and truly and genuinely cared about me.  
I never felt judged or like I was failing. I never felt like I couldn't do something.  I am a fitness wimp.  I tried to quit or stop or not do more reps.  Talor gently, but steadfastly built me into a better person and improved my fitness to what is for the best shape I was ever in.  Try him.  I recommend him without reservation.  Because he really is THAT good." 

-Joshua R.                       

"Talor is an incredible trainer. Not only has he helped me to achieve my fitness goals, but he has taken me above and beyond what I ever felt capable of doing! Our workouts are always fun and dynamic, and I can't believe I'm saying this but I have a new found love of exercise! His enthusiasm, skill and compassion have transformed my relationship to exercise, my body and my sense of Self. I am so grateful to Bridge City Training!!!" 

-Sarah S.

"Talor is an excellent and competent trainer. He is a motivator and his sense of humor makes working out tremendously fun. I highly recommend his services." 

-Karen B.