My name is Talor Lee-Stiles, and as an OBMT-LMT and NASM-CPT I have been helping people meet their physical wellness goals since 2013.   

Aside from massage, fitness, and exercise science education my understanding of the body comes from living an IN-bodied lifestyle.  Movement, exercise and connection with my body are very valuable aspects of my life.  I feel as though the connection we have to our bodies has a lot to do with the connection we have to nature itself. The body is something I understand to be one of our best teachers, and it is something we will have with us throughout the rest of our lives.  

My life-experience and education have offered me the skills and ability to support others in living more comfortable and successful lives. My skills and working understanding of how structural imbalances in the body contribute to chronic body pains allow me to help others achieve a level of physical comfort that allows them to use their bodies freely so they can live life to its fullest.